Research is a core component of what WIEGO offers to policymakers and planners around the informal economy. A key focus of WIEGO research, conducted through and with membership-based organization partners, is the Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS). Born out of previous research that assessed the impact of the 2008 Global Economic Crisis on the informal economy, the IEMS provides credible, grounded research that guides policymakers and planners on how to better integrate informal workers into urban plans.

WIEGO is also active in the following research areas:


WIEGO Working Papers and Briefs

WIEGO Working Papers feature research that makes an empirical or theoretical contribution to existing knowledge about the informal economy. Particular attention is paid to policy-relevant research.

WIEGO Briefing Notes provide user-friendly documentation for advocates, policymakers and researchers on the informal economy. The series include policylegal, organizing, statistical, technical, and budget briefs.