Durban Law and Other Resources for Street Vendors

Case Studies

DurbanfullthumbConley, Pauline and AeT Staff. 2015. Empowering Market Traders in Warwick Junction, Durban, South Africa. Inclusive Cities Project.

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DurbanLawFullXulu, Phumzile. 2015. Vending in Public Spaces and the Law: A Case Study. Inclusive Cities Project.
Case Summary. 2015. Vending in Public Spaces and the Law. Inclusive Cities Project.

Informal Economy Monitoring Study

The IEMS is Inclusive Cities’ flagship research project. It provides credible, grounded research on how policymakers and planners can better integrate urban informal employment into urban plans, making cities more inclusive and, ultimately, productive.

City level findings based on the street vending sector can be found here.

More IEMS research on global, sector, and city levels is also available.


Laura Alfers, WIEGO’s Social Protection Researcher, offers a grassroots perspective on OHS issues for street traders in Ghana, the development of the Accra Health and Safety Platform, the Phephanthi Platform and the empowerment of informal workers in OHS.

This video by WIEGO and partners, Asiye eTafuleni(AeT) in South Africa; HomeNet Thailand; and the Self-Employed Women’s Association in India tells the stories of informal workers and the difficulties they face in accessing health services in their respective countries. It also presents some of the solutions that each of these organizations has developed to mitigate against these barriers to access.

Research and Briefs

Mega Events and the Working PoorRobbins, Glen. 2012. Major International Events and the Working Poor: Selected Lessons for Social Actors Stemming from the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa.
WIEGO Technical Brief No. 5.




Legal4Corrarino, Megan. 2014. Using International Law and Regional Legal Systems and Rights Documents in Advocacy for Workers in the Informal Economy. WIEGO Legal Brief No. 4



Legal2Corrarino, Megan. 2012. Using the Right to Information in the Informal Economy: A How-To Guide. WIEGO Legal Brief No. 2.



Worker Stories