Bogota Resources for Waste Pickers


Case Study

Abizaid, Olga. 2015. ARB: Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in Bogota. Inclusive Cities Project. WIEGO.


Case Summary. ARB: Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in Bogota. Inclusive Cities Project. WIEGO.



Informal Economy Monitoring Study

The IEMS is Inclusive Cities’ flagship research project. It provides credible, grounded research on how policymakers and planners can better integrate urban informal employment into urban plans, making cities more inclusive and, ultimately, productive.

City Level Findings, Informal Economy Monitoring Study, Bogota, Colombia (en español) can be found here.

More IEMS research on global, sector, and city levels is also available.

Research and Briefs on Bogota’s Waste Pickers

Samson, Melanie. 2015. Forging a New Conceptualization of “The Public” in Waste Management. WIEGO Working Paper No. 32.




Parra, Federico. 2015. “Reciclaje: ¡Sí, pero con recicladores!”. Gestión pública del aprovechamiento con inclusión de recicladores: Un nuevo paradigma en el manejo de los residuos en Bogotá, Colombia”. WIEGO Technical Brief No. 9.




Chronicle of a Fight For Inclusion Series. 

This series of audiovisual materials provides information about the process of inclusion of waste pickers into the waste management system in Bogota at the local level, and in Colombia at the national level. It includes short videos produced by WIEGO presenting information on the situation of waste pickers, their claims, as well as education materials. This Series was produced to share Bogota’s process of inclusion with every municipality in Colombia and with all waste pickers in the world interested in learning more about it.

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Training and Advocacy Materials (in Spanish)

Propuesta de trabajo para el calculo de costos de recoleccion y tranporte de material reciclable… 

Acuerdo etico de los lideres recicladores

¡En Colombia, reciclaje con recicladores !  

¡En Colombia, reciclaje con recicladores (2)!

El Plan de Gestión Integral de Residuos con aprovechamiento y con reconocimiento

Presentation to the City

Pacto Gremio Reciclador Bogota