Better OHS in Accra

Street and Market Vendors Achieve Better Occupational Health and Safety
by Organizing, Networking, and Building Alliances in Accra, Ghana

Street & Market Vendors

Vendors sell vegetables, grains, legumes, fish, cooked food, printed cloth, and second hand clothes. Others are hairdressers, tailors, seamstresses, and carpenters.
Accra_MotherChild Street&MarketVendors

OHS: Before

Before the project, street and market vendors in Accra faced many occupational health and safety issues
ColumnTraders also faced many institutional barriers: misuse of revenue from markets, patronage and deferral to authorities, lack of information, lack of communication channels with the government. OHS_Before

OHS: Achievements

The Makola Market and the Ga East Traders Union realized that though it was difficult to gain better OHS individually, they could mobilize, organize, and learn as a group to achieve the following:

Makola Market vendors can now respond to fires more quickly because of newly purchased fire extinguishers.
OHS Achievements

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