We are Workers Too!



Did you know there are 100 million people working from their homes in countries both rich and poor throughout the world?  Did you know many home-based workers experience the lowest wages and highest degrees of poverty?   That the majority of home-based workers are women? 

Today’s feature publication, We are Workers Too: Organizing Home-Based Workers in the Global Economy, is for home-based workers and anyone who works to help organize home-based workers for a better future, and anyone who is interested in helping relieve poverty, particuarly among women and children.

 This short manual aims to help home-based workers, no matter where in the world, to know more about the following things:

• their skills and value, not just to their families but to society at large and to the economy, even at a global level;

• their status as workers, and the fact that, like all other workers in the world, they have rights, even if many others do not recognize this yet;

• how they can get together with other home-based workers to get more recognition and improve their situation.

You may be a home-based worker wanting to link up with others in your community to find out how together you can, for example, negotiate to get more pay for your work.

You may come from a local women’s organization, a trade union, or a labour rights/welfare body, and be interested in helping to bring home-based workers together, to raise awareness and build collective strength.

Download the free manual, We are Workers Too! from our Activist Toolbox.