Update: Street Vendors Banned in São Paulo


Brazil’s Gaspar García Center for Human Rights has just issued a statement of the actions it is currently taking to protect the 100,000 street vendors recently banned from trading in São Paulo.  On top of approaching the City of São Paulo Ombudsman, the Ministry of Labor, the President’s Human Rights Secretary, and UN offices to oppose the move, the Center is also gathering street vendors from north to south, west to east for a huge protest on May 31st.

In addition, the Centre is implementing these 3 strategies to protect street vendors all over the city:sao paulo bans street vendors, urban inclusion, liveable streets

1) Political: networking street vendors all over the city, together with NGOs ans social movements to a public protest on May 31st;

2) Politicial: Public meeting at City Council with The Minister of Justice (who is a former city councilman who is a street vendors specialist), Minister of Human Rights on June 6th; and

3) Juridical: Public Civil Action with a Public Defender/Attorney for all over the city that we will hand in on monday.

Continuing reading for more background on the issue:

The municipal administration in São Paulo, Brazil, has banned street vending altogether. On Saturday, May 19, the city revoked nearly 1,000 existing street vending licenses.

Today, May 24, 2012, street vendors from all over the city, together with a Public Attorney and the Gaspar Garcia Human Rights Center, will enter a public juridical process shortly regarding the issue.

In São Paulo, estimates of the total number of street vendors range from 73,000 to 100,000 (Roever 2010).

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