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Gender & Waste Project: Empowerment of Women Waste Pickers in Latin America & Brazil

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Gender & Waste Project Discussions

Beginning in February 2012, the Gender & Waste Project—a partnership between WIEGO, NEPEM-UFMG, and RedLacre—started working to increase the economic and political empowerment of women waste pickers throughout Latin America and Brazil, in the Minas Gerais area in particular. The main focus is to address gender inequality in waste picking activities, extending to the inequality… Read more »

From Vegetable Vendor to Video Producer with SEWA Academy

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Today’s Inclusive Cities Changing Cities, Changing Lives series profiles women workers in India, where young women have few opportunities to break out of the roles they are traditionally expected to take on in their families and as workers.  The story of Varsha demonstrates how training through SEWA Academy allowed her to break through multiple barriers to… Read more »

Women’s Economic Empowerment in Nepal

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This week, we turn our focus on how inclusive projects for the working poor can affect home-based workers, who are usually women, vulnerable to global markets, and, because they work at home, invisible as workers.  Today’s Inclusive Cities “Changing Cities, Changing Lives”series comes from Nepal, where our partner organization, Didi Bahnini Sewa Samaj, a member… Read more »

Home-based, Bidi, and Garment Worker News April 18 2012

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Garment Worker News Bangladesh. Arifa — the life of a sweatshop worker.  April 13, 2012. Bangladesh. Outcry Over Killing of a Bangladeshi Labour Leader. April, 13 2012. Haroon Habib. The Hindu. The alleged murder of a labour leader has invited international condemnation with a leading human rights body demanding that the Bangladesh government bring the… Read more »