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Waste Pickers News Oct 3 2012

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Waste pickers India

ENGLISH INDIA. “Trash-to-Energy plan worries New Delhi ragpickers.” Associated Press (21 September 2012) by Gareth Conde. Leaning on a battered set of scales while flies swarmed his piles of trash, Akbar said he wasn’t demanding much: “All I want is continued access to waste.” UNITED STATES. “Clinton Global Initiative Announces Sustainable Waste Foundation.” Environmental Leader… Read more »

Wanted: Homes in the City

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Waste Pickers in India

This week’s Inclusive Cities Changing Cities, Changing Lives story comes from Munger, Bihar, India, where a group of impoverished waste pickers organized to protest the demolition of their traditional homes to make way for a railroad overpass. Their lives and livelihoods were disrupted, and no suitable land offered. With the support of SEWA, the residents have taken… Read more »