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Waste Picker News, May 19 2012

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ENGLISH BRAZIL. “Without a structured system, a group of 4 thousand people sustains the recycling in the city.” ISWA. Emanuel Alencar, Ludmila Curi and Rogério Daflon.  In Rio, the transition started less than one year ago, with the decision of shutting down all the dumping sites (lixões). The goal of the state secretary of Environment… Read more »

Street Vendor News, May 17 2012

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ENGLISH INDIA. “Tehbazari Issue: After Traders,Vendors Upset by New Delhi Municipal Council’s Move.”  Times of India (12 May2012) by Risha Chitlangia.  National Alliance of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) says the New Delhi MunicipalCouncil should identify new sites so that all 3,700 street vendors foundeligible by NDMC are rehabilitated. NIGERIA. “Corruption: Environmental Board Sacks 15… Read more »

Street Vendor News, May 11 2012

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ENGLISH TANZANIA. “Roasted Green Maize Curb Hunger in Dar.” AllAfrica.com (5 May 2012) by Jaffar Mjasiri. Roasting of fresh green maize, just harvested from farms, is a lucrative business in the city of Dar es Salaam and elsewhere in the country. Dar es Salaam residents consider the green maize sold in the streets as alternative… Read more »

Waste Picker News, May 10 2012

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ESPAÑOL BARCELONA. “Trias esboza una cooperativa para los africanos que recogen hierro.” El País (7 abril 2012) por Camilo S. Baquero. . El problema de los cientos de subsaharianos que recorren Barcelona con carritos de supermercado en busca de chatarra preocupa mucho al gobierno convergente de la ciudad. Detrás de una de las imágenes más… Read more »

Photo of the Week, May 9 2012

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On May 1st, NASVI organized a protest at Patna, demanding Universal Pension for all elderly and ensure vendors participation in the process of enactment of central law on street vending