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Market Vendors Unite to Protect their Rights to Work

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As in many other Ukrainian cities, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Shostka city, many enterprises began to close. Only small and medium businesses helped the city to survive after such an economic hit. Then, around four thousand entrepreneurs were the main revenue source for the Shostka city’s budget. Recently, however, the traders… Read more »

Street Vendor News 24 November 2013

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Vendedores ambulantes

(English) GHANA. “Street food vending in urban Ghana: moving from an informal to a formal sector.” Ghana Web (23 November 2013) by Mohamed Ag Bendech, James Tefft, Richemont Seki and Giorgia Fiorella Nicolo. Street food vending in urban Ghana is an increasing popular informal business that allows people to eat affordable, local and varied foods,… Read more »

Street Vendor News 10 November 2013

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Vendedores ambulantes

(English) SOUTH AFRICA. “South Africa: Statement By the SA National Traders Retail Alliance, a Voice From the People’s Economy.” All Africa (8 November 2013) by Edmund Elias. Day 38 of the Johannesburg Mayoral clean-up of the poor ended with thousands of displaced street traders not having been verified whilst efforts to demolish many of their… Read more »

Formalização da Economia Informal? – Um Diálogo sobre Políticas

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por Deia de Brito O “Formalização na Economia Informal?” reuniu trabalhadores informais (trabalhadores domésticos, vendedores ambulantes e catadores), especialistas na economia informal e representantes do governo para compartilhar seus pontos de vista e buscar uma compreensão comum. Ele foi organizado pelo Mulheres no Trabalho Informal: Globalizando e Organizando (WIEGO), uma rede de trabalho global de… Read more »

Formalizing the Informal Economy? – A Policy Dialogue

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by Deia de Brito “Formalizing the Informal Economy?” brought together informally employed workers (domestic workers, street vendors and waste pickers), experts on the informal economy, and government representatives to share their perspectives and search for common understanding. It was organized by Women in the Informal Economy: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), a global action-research-policy network that… Read more »