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Partner Post: Informal Workers Call for Inclusive Cities at the World Urban Forum

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Inclusive Cities Booth Traffic at World Urban Forum

Post reprinted with permission from Asiye eTafuleni.  Written by Tasmi Quazi.  On Monday 4th of September 2012, Asiye eTafuleni (AeT) and its international network partners of the Inclusive Cities project  held their first networking event at the sixth premiere conference, the World Urban Forum (WUF) in Naples (Italy).  This significant platform attracts an international melting pot of diplomats,… Read more »

Wanted: Homes in the City

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Waste Pickers in India

This week’s Inclusive Cities Changing Cities, Changing Lives story comes from Munger, Bihar, India, where a group of impoverished waste pickers organized to protest the demolition of their traditional homes to make way for a railroad overpass. Their lives and livelihoods were disrupted, and no suitable land offered. With the support of SEWA, the residents have taken… Read more »

From Vegetable Vendor to Video Producer with SEWA Academy

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Today’s Inclusive Cities Changing Cities, Changing Lives series profiles women workers in India, where young women have few opportunities to break out of the roles they are traditionally expected to take on in their families and as workers.  The story of Varsha demonstrates how training through SEWA Academy allowed her to break through multiple barriers to… Read more »

Photo of the Week, May 16 2012

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women construction workers, India, SEWA Rachaita, SEWA project, Inclusive Cities, economic empowerment for women

This week’s photo of the week comes from Inclusive Cities partner SEWA Rachaita. According to Rachaita’s website, even though women do make up a significant population in the construction workforce, they are still marginalized.  Through training and other initiatives, Rachaita addresses these discrepancies:  Lack of skills needed by them for undertaking specialized construction jobs; Perceptions and… Read more »

From Labourer to Master Mason

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SEWA project, women constructions workers in India, Inclusive Cities, economic empowerment for women

  This week’s Inclusive Cities success story comes from India, where SEWA training helpedworker Gangaben Vaniya, previously a poorly-paid labourer, become a successful business woman and teacher.  As the success story says, Gangaben Vaniya’s early story is similar to those of many other poor women in urban India –surviving in the informal sector with limited education and… Read more »