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Formalização da Economia Informal? – Um Diálogo sobre Políticas

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por Deia de Brito O “Formalização na Economia Informal?” reuniu trabalhadores informais (trabalhadores domésticos, vendedores ambulantes e catadores), especialistas na economia informal e representantes do governo para compartilhar seus pontos de vista e buscar uma compreensão comum. Ele foi organizado pelo Mulheres no Trabalho Informal: Globalizando e Organizando (WIEGO), uma rede de trabalho global de… Read more »

Formalizing the Informal Economy? – A Policy Dialogue

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by Deia de Brito “Formalizing the Informal Economy?” brought together informally employed workers (domestic workers, street vendors and waste pickers), experts on the informal economy, and government representatives to share their perspectives and search for common understanding. It was organized by Women in the Informal Economy: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), a global action-research-policy network that… Read more »

Waste Picker News 27 October 2013

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Waste pickers

(English) GLOBAL. “Material Remains: The Perpetual Challenge of Garbage.” Scientific American (25 October 2013) by Robin Nagle. For millennia, we humans have tried many ways to dispose of our waste, such as burning, burying and even moving away from it. How we safely handle trash, including new kinds from modern technology, will be essential to… Read more »

Waste Picker News 13 October 2013

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Waste pickers

(English) LATIN AMERICA. Integrating the Informal Waste Recycling Sector in Latin America. Waste Wise (13 October 2013). “The state and the municipalities need to recognize the service that waste pickers are providing. This is happening in many places in Latin America (Colombia, Brazil and Argentina). Little by little the waste pickers are starting to be… Read more »

Waste Picker News 29 September 2013

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Waste pickers

(English) GLOBAL. Naomi Klein fails to recognise political challenges of cutting emissions. The Guardian (26 September 2013) by Robin Rix. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) also needs to address the criticism that a small number of projects have had damaging non-climate impacts, such as dams flooding villages or covered landfill sites putting waste-pickers out of… Read more »