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Street Vendor News, May 24 2012

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ENGLISH TURKEY. “No Shouting: Istanbul Tells its Street Vendors.” Public Radio International (audio file) by Matthew Brunwasser.  It’s the Saturday market in Istanbul’s Besiktas neighborhood. Yuksel Ozevin issinging about his pomegranates. Soft as compared with some of his colleagues.He says the new noise ordinance is ludicrous. SOUTH AFRICA. “Hawkers to Take Joburg to Court.” The… Read more »

Home-based and Garment Worker News, May 3 2012

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Garment Worker News Thailand.  Factory staff, families still struggling.  April 30, 2012.  Bangkok Post.  Many factory workers say they are not much better off  financially after the 300-baht daily wage hike, now in its first month of  launch. Indonesia.  Olympic stress for Indonesian labourers who allege they endure sweatshop conditions.  April 29, 2012.  Kathy Marks…. Read more »

Garment and Bidi Worker News, April 26 2012

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Garment Workers Turkey. Garment workers in Istanbul still on strike after more than 2 months. April 23, 3012. Free Speech Radio. Hundreds of striking garment workers in Turkey marked 70 days of resistance with a concert over the weekend.  Viet Nam. Garment Workers Run for Safety in 2012. April 18, 2012. ILO. Over 3,600 garment… Read more »

First Congress of Latin America Waste Pickers

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This February marked the first congress of the Latin American Waste Pickers.  This video of the conference – and of the many struggles waste pickers face and overcome –  comes to Inclusive Cities through our partners at the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers.

Making History Brick by Brick

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It may be common knowledge that women comprise the large majority of the informally employed through waste picking, home-based work and street vending, did you know women are also informally employed in the construction industry? In recent years, Inclusive Cities partner SEWA (Self Emplyed Women’s Association)  has organized 144, 708 construction workers at India’s national level and 29,657… Read more »