IEMS Report on Street Vendors Highlights Importance of Urban Space as a Livelihood Right

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by Sally Roever Street vendors have a way of fitting themselves into urban public space. They sprawl down certain streets, line up along railroad tracks, and pack their stalls onto crowded sidewalks, anywhere that customers may be passing by. The trouble is, most cities don’t plan for that. And because they don’t plan for it,… Read more »

IEMS Report on Home-Based Workers Sheds New Light on Informal Employment

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By Sally Roever The Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS) is the world’s first longitudinal study of informal employment that combines structured comparisons (of ten cities and three occupational sectors), rigorous qualitative and quantitative research, and collaboration between researchers and grassroots workers’ organizations. An initiative of WIEGO and the Inclusive Cities project, the IEMS examines the… Read more »

Bogota’s Zero Waste Programme Mayoral Controversy

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On March 2, 2014, Bogota will be holding a referendum on whether to reinstate its Mayor, Gustavo Petro, after he was removed from office by a ruling of Colombia’s Inspector-General Alejandro Ordóñez. The Inspector-General of Colombia has ruled that Petro, who was democratically-elected, Gustavo Petro, should be removed from his position based on actions taken… Read more »

Polêmica do Programa Lixo Zero da Prefeitura de Bogotá

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No dia 2 de março de 2014, Bogotá realizará um plebiscito para decidir se seu Prefeito, Gustavo Petro, retomará seu cargo após perder o cargo devido a uma sentença do Inspetor Geral da Colômbia, Alejandro Ordoñez. O Inspetor Geral da Colômbia decidiu que Petro, que foi eleito por vias democráticas, deveria perder seu cargo devido… Read more »

Update: The Informal Economy Monitoring Study

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by Imraan Valodia WIEGO and its Inclusive Cities partners are engaged in a multi-year longitudinal, 10-city Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS). The IEMS combines qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide an in-depth understanding of how three groups of urban informal workers – home-based workers, street vendors, and waste pickers – are affected by and… Read more »