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Home-Based Worker News 25 August 2013

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Home-based worker

(English) MALAWI. How second-hand clothes kill business for Malawi’s tailors. BBC News Africa (23 August 2013) by Ann Soy. About 10 tailors with old, noisy sewing machines stitch fabrics under the canopy of the shops in the old town of Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, occasionally look up to reveal forlorn faces. INDIA. Basic Income Pilot Project… Read more »

Home-based Worker News 11 August 2013

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Home-based workers

(English) INDIA. Hry spells out criteria for people under Food Security Scheme. Hindustan Times (11 August 2013). Similarly, occupationally vulnerable households except government employees such as, rag-pickers, domestic workers, street vendors, hawkers, home-based workers, artisans, handicrafts workers, tailors and those having no income from any source would also be automatically covered. PHILIPPINES. Pampanga town mayor… Read more »

Home-Based Worker News June 2 2013

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Garment Workers

(ENGLISH) PAKISTAN. “Double the return: Empowering women and supporting dying crafts.” Tribute (May 26, 2013). Hand-embroidered accessories and traditional clothes made by women hailing from Pakistan and other South Asian regions are on display at the “Support the Crafts” exhibition at the Nomad Art Gallery. PAKISTAN. “Garment factories violating labour laws.” Nation (May 26, 2013)…. Read more »

Home-Based Worker News Jan 17 2013

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Home-Based Worker

(ESPAÑOL) SPAIN. “España lidera el crecimiento de trabajadores autónomos en Europa, junto a otros cuatro países.” (January 16, 2013) El Confidencial. España fue el quinto país de Europa donde más crecieron los trabajadores autónomos en el periodo enero-septiembre de 2012, con 106.200 nuevos emprendedores, un 3,7% más, hasta situar su número total en 2.944.400 trabajadores,… Read more »