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Inclusive Cities Annual Learning Meeting

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On April 1st and 2nd, the Inclusive Cities partners met in Bogotà, Colombia for the project’s final Annual Learning Meeting for this phase of the joint project. The purpose of the meeting was to review and discuss the initial findings of the project evaluation, which was being conducted by Barbara Klugman. Barbara guided the group… Read more »

Home-Based Worker News 25 May 2014

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Home-based workers

(English) PAKISTAN. IHT receives Japanese grant to help rebuild livelihoods of artisans. The Daily Times (24 May 2014). The World Bank (WB), as administrator of grants provided by the Japanese government under the Japan Social Development Fund, has signed a grant agreement of $2.8 million with the Indus Heritage Trust (IHT), a local non-government organisation (NGO), to… Read more »

Home-Based Worker News 11 May 2014

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Home-based workers

(English) MALAYSIA. 52 out of 100 women in Malaysia are wage earners. The Star Online (9 May 2014). “We would like to see more educated and professional women bloom as self-employed individuals, business owners, exporters and players in the global market place,” Rohani said when opening the World Islamic Economic Foundation (WIEF) Women Entrepreneurial Retreat… Read more »

Home-Based Worker News 27 April 2014

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Home-based workers, Thailand, photo by Martha Chen

(English) PAKISTAN. Labouring for social security. TNS (27 April 2014) by Ume Laila. The magnitude of home-based work and workers’ exploitation call for greater public intervention and policy review. NIGERIA. Nigeria: Women and Unemployment -Way Forward. All Africa (26 April 2014) by Ojoma Akor via Daily Trust (Abuja). The South-South Professional Women Association (SSPWA), yesterday held a… Read more »