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Home-Based Worker News May 19 2013

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(ENGLISH) CAMBODIA. “Cambodia factory collapse: How did inspectors miss it?” Global Post  (May 18, 2013) by Dene-Hern Chen. It’s partly Bangladesh’s questionable standards that draw global buyers to Cambodia, where a United Nations-backed program monitors plants for safety. GLOBAL. “UN human rights chief welcomes signing of Bangladesh work safety accord by major companies.” UN News… Read more »

Occupational Health of Women Workers in the Informal Economy

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Workshop Held in Delhi “There is a grave need of the hour to understand the occupational health issues for women in the informal economy. It has also been noticed that whenever there have been partnerships between women and organisations, it has yielded new solutions, knowledge and hope. Many more such collaborations are required in tandem… Read more »

Garment Worker News March 21 2013

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(ENGLISH) Bangladesh. “Digital Garment Worker Database Launched.” Research Initiative for Social Equity (March 10, 2013). The Prime Minister of Bangladesh inaugurated the “Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) worker database”[1] for the RMG Industry workers of Garment Manufacturers who are a member of this apex trade body that represents the export oriented woven, knit… Read more »

Home-Based Worker News Feb 21 2013

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Home-Based Worker

(ENGLISH) INDIA. “A new beginning for homeworkers in India.” (February 13, 2013). Ethical Trading Initiative. For millions of homeworkers across the world each new day marks another search for work to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and children in school. Brands and retailers have a great opportunity to help stabilise… Read more »

Home-Based Worker News Feb 15 2013

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Garment Workers

(ENGLISH) USA. “US: Haitian and Honduran garment workers speak out.” Just-Style (February 6, 2013). Leonie Barrie. Garment workers from Honduras and Haiti are taking part in a five-city tour across New York State this week as part of an ongoing campaign against sweatshops. PAKISTAN. “Pakistani garment workers fight lockout.” Australia Asia Worker Links (February 10,… Read more »