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Home-Based Worker News Oct 22 2012

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Pakistan. Legislation Demanded for Home-Based Women Workers. October 18, 2012. Daily Times. LAHORE: The number of home-based women workers is rising in Pakistan at a rate of 8.91 percent per annum and around 12 millions women are working within the informal sector but they have no legal protection as no legislation has been done for… Read more »

Garment Workers News Oct 8 2012

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INDIA. Garment workers not aware of Minimum Wages Act: Bangalore University study. October 1, 2012. Sharadha Kalyanam. The New Indian Express. Nearly 64 per cent of the apparel workers in the state are unaware of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and ESI benefits that are due to them. Out of the 3 lakh garment workers… Read more »

Home-based Worker News Oct 2 2012

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Russia. 100 Vietnamese workers in Russia call for help, police investigate. September 26, 2012. M. Lan. VietnamNet. According to investigators, these people worked for two garment companies – Vinastar and Garizon Open – in Moscow. Specifically, Vinastar recruited more than 100 workers from Vietnam, including 45 from the Construction and Investment JSC No. 1 (HICC1) and… Read more »

Home-based Worker News Sept 27 2012

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Garment Workers SouthEast Asia

Colombia. Trabajadores Independientes Según el Art.13 de la Ley 1527 de 2012. September 21, 2012. Youtube. Respuesta del Dr. Diego Guevara, Líder de Investigación Contable y Tributaria de actualicese.com a la pregunta.  Pakistan. Families of missing workers still looking for bodies. September 14, 2012. Dawn.com. Desperate family members of still missing workers were looking for their loved ones in… Read more »

Home-based Worker News, May 14 2012

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Pakistan.  Country needs legal cover to protect home-based workers. May 2, 2012.  Pakistan Observer.  There are 8.52 million home based workers in the country representing 60% of women work force denied of rights extended to workers defined as laborers in the country. Indonesia.  Workers unite for demands of better life on May Day. May 2,… Read more »