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Waste Picker News 5 January 2014

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(English) BURMA. “Burma Could Learn From India: Channeling Diversity into Democracy Instead of Strife.” Epoch Times (4 January 2014) by Venus Upadhayaya. “In a broader picture, India cannot only help us to establish our democratic process, but [can] also help us to look at the question of various ethnic nationalities in a national set-up.” PAKISTAN…. Read more »

Waste Picker News 22 December 2013

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(English) INDIA. “Being the voice of the voiceless.” Bangalore Mirror Bureau (22 December 2013) by Khushali P Madhwani. As the Community Radio movement celebrates a decade of its existence in India, we revisit the story of Radio Active, Bangalore’s first community radio station. KENYA. “Big lift for Kenya’s e-cycling.” Recycling International (19 December 2013).IT equipment… Read more »

Bogota’s Zero Waste Programme Mayoral Controversy

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On March 2, 2014, Bogota will be holding a referendum on whether to reinstate its Mayor, Gustavo Petro, after he was removed from office by a ruling of Colombia’s Inspector-General Alejandro Ordóñez. The Inspector-General of Colombia has ruled that Petro, who was democratically-elected, Gustavo Petro, should be removed from his position based on actions taken… Read more »

Polêmica do Programa Lixo Zero da Prefeitura de Bogotá

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No dia 2 de março de 2014, Bogotá realizará um plebiscito para decidir se seu Prefeito, Gustavo Petro, retomará seu cargo após perder o cargo devido a uma sentença do Inspetor Geral da Colômbia, Alejandro Ordoñez. O Inspetor Geral da Colômbia decidiu que Petro, que foi eleito por vias democráticas, deveria perder seu cargo devido… Read more »

Global Alliance of Waste Pickers Newsletter

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In November, Inclusive Cities ally the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers released the 8th edition of the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers newsletter, “Struggles and Victories: Waste Pickers on the Frontline.” In this three-month edition, they share a few highlights from waste pickers around the globe. In South Africa, SAWPA called on their government to… Read more »