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The Fight against Waste-to-Energy Incineration in Belo Horizonte

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Tomorrow is Global Waste Picker Day — what better way to celebrate than to support waste pickers in a very current struggle in Belo Horizonte. Recently, a member of the municipal parliament in Belo Horizonte has put forward a bill that would authorize the use of waste-to-energy incineration technologies to deal with municipal solid waste…. Read more »

O Que uma Novela Brasileira pode Dizer às Cidades sobre o Comércio Ambulante

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por Sally Roever Eventos em dois continentes nos últimos meses iniciaram uma nova discussão sobre o que as cidades podem fazer a respeito do excesso de população e caos. No centro de Joanesburgo, autoridades municipais iniciaram uma operação de “limpeza” em outubro na qual milhares de estandes de comerciantes – licenciados ou não – foram… Read more »

What a Brazilian Soap Opera can Tell Cities about Street Vending

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By Sally Roever, WIEGO Street Vendor Sector Specialist Events on two continents these past few weeks have sparked a new discussion over what cities can do about streets getting too crowded and chaotic. In downtown Johannesburg, city officials unleashed a “clean sweep” operation in October in which thousands of traders’ stalls – both unlicensed and… Read more »

Gender & Waste Project, Empowering Women Waste Pickers in Latin America & Brazil: Update

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The research-action project, Gender & Waste—a partnership between WIEGO, NEPEM-UFMG, and RedLacre—is now into its second phase: Open discussions on gender issues faced by waste pickers and the development of strategic plans that address those issues. Phase two will continue through 2013 and includes exploratory regional workshops, the first of which was held on May… Read more »