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Home-based Worker News Oct 2 2012

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Russia. 100 Vietnamese workers in Russia call for help, police investigate. September 26, 2012. M. Lan. VietnamNet. According to investigators, these people worked for two garment companies – Vinastar and Garizon Open – in Moscow. Specifically, Vinastar recruited more than 100 workers from Vietnam, including 45 from the Construction and Investment JSC No. 1 (HICC1) and… Read more »

Home-based and Garment Worker News, May 3 2012

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Garment Worker News Thailand.  Factory staff, families still struggling.  April 30, 2012.  Bangkok Post.  Many factory workers say they are not much better off  financially after the 300-baht daily wage hike, now in its first month of  launch. Indonesia.  Olympic stress for Indonesian labourers who allege they endure sweatshop conditions.  April 29, 2012.  Kathy Marks…. Read more »