Street Vendor News 17 August 2014


Vendedores ambulantes(English)

INDONESIA. Eviction of street vendors, squatters sparks strong protest. The Jakarta Post (16 August 2014) by Dewanti A. Wardhani. The recent eviction of street vendors and squatters in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta has sparked a public outcry, with the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) demanding the city administration provide livable housing and vending places for the evictees.

USA. Students Developed the Street Cart of the Future, and Their Ideas Are Awesome. Motherboard (15 August 2014) by Nadja Sayej. The design studio teaches people to think about the future of things, and since the spring, they’ve been working with the kids to develop ideas, mainly about what services NYC street vendors could provide in 2035.

INDIA. Street Vendors on Warpath for Licence, ID Cards. New Indian Express (15 August 2014) by Shafeeq Alingal. After knocking on all possible doors, seeking solutions to their long-pending problems, the street hawkers in the Corporation limit have finally decided to go on agitation mode. Under the aegis of the various trade union organisations, they are planning to launch protests against the inordinate delay in solving their woes.

THAILAND. City Hall president accused of extortion. Bangkok Post (14 August 2014) by  Wassayos Ngamkham. The president of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has been accused of extorting protection money from vendors in front of Wat Hua Lamphong in Bang Rak district, but he claims someone is trying to discredit him because he tried to regulate illegal occupation of footpaths.  

AFRICA. Dress your business in formal clothes and see it grow. How We Made it in Africa (14 August 2014) by Denfin Mulup. Across Africa the informal economy plays a significant role in creating jobs and alleviating poverty. Be it in cities or rural villages, millions of people operate unregistered small-scale businesses. These entrepreneurs include small retail shop owners, taxi drivers, street vendors and artisans.

ZIMBABWE. Vendors seek residents, youths backing. News Day (14 August 2014) by Veneranda Langa. The National Vendors’ Union of Zimbabwe (NVUZ) says it has engaged residents and youth associations to help lobby Parliament to pass the proposed Street Vendors’ (Protection of Livelihoods) Bill.

INDIA. Vending Zone Faces Vendors Act Humps. New Indian Express (11 August 2014) by Express News Service. Despite several efforts taken by the district administration and Sambalpur Municipality to evict road side vendors, the plan to develop vending zones in the town has come as cropper. The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending) Act-2014, which came into force recently, has made the eviction an arduous task for the civic body. The legislation aims to protect the rights of urban street vendors and regulate street vending activities in the country.

INDIA. From shopping to street food, they’re brimming with ideas. TNN (10 August 2014). “We have developed an app that can help you find the best street food in the city. You can key in the food type or location. It is user-centric and asks one to rate the food. Street vendors can also publicize themselves through it.

ZIMBABWE. Vendors recount hell at hands of council police. News Day (9 August 2014). Chawatama says although he is disabled and is on a wheelchair he has experienced a lot of harassment and even arrests by municipal police who he said demanded daily bribes of up to $5 to allow a vendor to sell without distractions on the streets of Harare.

SWAZILAND. Squeaky clean cities, simmering poverty. Observer (8 August 2014). Both the cities of Mbabane and Manzini are more concerned about their looks than the economic livelihoods of the most vulnerable of their clients, the unregistered street vendor.

NEPAL. A Study on the Street Vendors of Kathmandu. News Maker (8 August 2014) via Pertanika Journal. The study, by Neera Shrestha, collected gender-based information on street vendors in Kathmandu, including their income and expenditures, health condition, and the factors that led them toward street vending.



ARGENTINA. Dispocisión municipal. Reubicarán a vendedores ambulantes. Corrientes Hoy (14 de Agosto de 2014). El Director General de Control e Inspección, Carlos Alberto Canepa, brindó detalles del operativo de control realizado en los últimos días en diversos puntos de la ciudad.

MEXICO. Despliegan operativo contra vendedores ambulantes de Victoria. Hoy Laredo (14 de Agosto de 2014) por Abel Castillo Herrera. Para no aumentar el padrón de vendedores ambulantes en la ciudad, se inició desde el año pasado un operativo de control y vigilancia, informó Jorge Walle.

HONDURAS. Construirán mercado para vendedores ambulantes de Villanueva. La Prensa (11 de Agosto de 2014) por Stanzi Claudé Pérez. Los miembros del Sindicato de Vendedores Ambulantes de Villanueva escucharon la propuesta de reubicación que hizo el alcalde Walter Perdomo con el objetivo de ordenar y reorganizar, principalmente el centro de la ciudad.

PARAGUAY. Comuna procedió al desalojo de vendedores ambulantes del IPS. La Nacion (13 de Agosto de 2014). El intendente Samaniego propone mesa de diálogo con el ente para buscar solución, porque muchos llevan años trabajando en el lugar.

MEXICO. Vendedores ambulantes se manifiestan en Navojoa. El Imparcial (12 de Agosto de 2014) por Susana Arana. Los 24 comerciantes apoyados por el sector taxista y bolero pidieron tanto a Seguridad Publica como a Sindicatura y al patronato de Obras del Centro Civico y Comerical de Navojoa que les permitan trabajar donde siempre lo han hecho.

ESPAÑA. Vendedores de mercados tildan de desprecio que Gallud rechace su voz en el Consejo de Comercio. Informacion (12 de Agosto de 2014) por R. Valle. El colectivo reprocha al concejal que no los considere parte del sector comercial.

ESPAÑA. Los artesanos ambulantes protestan tras ser expulsados del paseo Sagrera. Diario de Mallorca (10 de Agosto de 2014) por R. Galán Palma. Los artesanos ambulantes que esta temporada se ubicaban en el tramo del paseo Sagrera que sube a la Feixina realizaron ayer un acto de protesta después de que la noche anterior la Policía Local les prohibiese seguir allí.



BRASIL. Prefeitura faz operação para retirar camelôs de calçadas em Porto Velho. G1 Globo (15 August 2014) por Suzi Rocha. A Prefeitura de Porto Velho deve intensificar, a partir deste mês, a Operação Calçada Livre com o objetivo de garantir o controle e o uso adequado de locais públicos do município, retirando vendedores ambulantes de calçadas. O trabalho de desobstrução foi iniciado pelo Complexo Turístico da Estrada de Ferro Madeira-Mamoré.

BRASIL. Mais 364 camelôs do Centro deixarão a informalidade. EM Tempo (13 de Agosto de 2014). Até setembro, mais 364 trabalhadores deixarão a informalidade para se tornarem micro-empreendedores.

BRASIL e PARAGUAI. Comerciantes paraguaios protestam contra mudanças nos camelôs. Portal Iguacu (13 de Agosto de 2014). Os comerciantes dizem que não houve diálogo e que a medida da gestora é unilateral. Eles afirmam que pelo menos dez mil pessoas serão, direta e indiretamente, afetadas pela revitalização. Os cerca de 400 camelôs que ganham a vida nessa região da cidade seriam, segundo Sandra Zacarias, relocadas.



MAURICE. Grogne autour des Trade Fees: la plupart des commerçants ont quand même payé. L’Express (10 Août 2014). Ils campent sur leurs positions: «Sa zafer Trade Fee la, se enn bluff. Nous ne paierons rien du tout!» Raj Appadoo et les membres du Front commun des petits commerçants avaient demandé à ces derniers d’en faire de même, tant que le problème des marchands ambulants n’aura pas été réglé, entre autres. Les commerçants des villes ont-ils écouté leur appel?