Inclusive Cities Newsletter January 2013


Inclusive Cities Newsletter – January 2013


The Inclusive Cities project aims to strengthen membership-based organizations (MBOs) of the working poor in the areas of organizing, policy analysis and advocacy, in order to ensure that urban informal workers have the tools to make themselves heard within urban planning processes. Inclusive Cities is a collaboration between MBOs of the working poor, international alliances of MBOs and those supporting the work of MBOs.

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Feature Article


Celebrating SEWA’s 40 Years
Throughout its anniversary year, SEWA held celebratory events to mark its four decades of achievement. Read more… >>



Street Vendors


StreetNet International Celebrates 14th November: International Street Vendors Day and 10th Anniversary of StreetNet
On 14th November 2012, StreetNet affiliates and partners around the globe celebrated the 1st International Street Vendors Day. This year, it coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the launch of StreetNet. This was the first time that street vendors’ organizations had carried out a global action , and the response was well above expectations. The creativity, spirit of celebration and dignity in the search for social justice of the vendors’ organizations affiliated with StreetNet was in full evidence!. Read more… >>


Markets of WarwickMarkets Of Warwick Win Mayoral Award For Excellence!
On December 7th 2012, the Markets of Warwick Committee and the informal trading community of Warwick Junction in general—including Asiye eTafuleni—realized victorious closure to the year when the Markets of Warwick project received a Mayor’s Awards for Excellence in the tourism category. This is just two and a half years and 3,200 visitors since the project start. Read more… >>


Waste Pickers


The Global Alliance of Waste Pickers at Expocatadores: Highlights
ExpoCatadores, which was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late November, brought together 1,500 waste pickers from 25 Brazilian states, visitors and government leaders to exchange experiences and ideas around waste picking. Read more… >>


SEWA Bharat’s Inclusive Solid Waste Management Model
In Katihar, Bihar, Inclusive Cities partner SEWA has been implementing a solid waste management strategy that provides women at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid with better incomes, working conditions and other services.  This brief article offers highlights of the program and its structure. Read more… >>


Home-based Workers


Commemorating Home Based Workers Day
This year, HomeNet Pakistan observed Home-based Workers Day with various stakeholders, civil society organizations and the media to raise the voice of home-based workers and advocate for their rights, facilitating a number of nationwide activities.
Read more… >>





WIEGO Publication Series 
The WIEGO Publication Series is available on the WIEGO and Inclusive Cities websites. The series features selected publications by WIEGO researchers or by WIEGO members or partners produced since 2008. The aim of the series is to contribute to existing knowledge on the informal economy and to provide user-friendly documentation for those involved in advocacy, policy and research on the informal economy. The series includes Working Papers, Briefs, and Workers’ Lives Stories. Many publications are available in Spanish and Portuguese. Please see below a list of the latest available titles.




New Publications Available on the Inclusive Cities Website:

In English:

Alfers, Laura. 2009. Occupational Health & Safety for Market and Street Traders in Accra and Takoradi, Ghana. WIEGO

Alfers, Laura with Ruth Abban. 2011. Occupational Health & Safety for Indigenous Caterers in Accra, Ghana. WIEGO

Castel-Branco, Ruth. 2012. Organizing the Patience Industry. WIEGO Workers’ Lives Series No. 3.

Chikarmane, P. 2012. Integrating Waste Pickers into Municipal Solid Waste Management in Pune, IndiaWIEGO Policy Brief (Urban Policies), No 8.

Vryenhoek, L. 2012. Headstrong: Profile of a Headloader in Ahmedabad, India. WIEGO Workers’ Lives Series.


En español:

Sinha, Shalini and Sally Roever. 2012.  La Política Nacional de Vendedores Ambulantes, Urbanos de la India. Nota de Política de WIEGO (Políticas Urbanas) No. 2.


Em português:

Castel-Branco, Ruth. 2012. Organizando a Indústria da Paciência: Perfil de uma Trabalhadora Doméstica em Maputo, Moçambique. WIEGO Série Vida dos Trabalhadores, No. 3