Home-Based Workers News Dec 3 2012


Home-based workersBANGLADESH. “Owner of Bangladesh factory ravaged in fire says he didn’t know it needed emergency exits.” (November 29, 2012) Julhas Alam. 680 News. DHAKA, Bangladesh – The owner of a Bangladesh clothing factory where a fire killed 112 people says he was never informed the facility was required to have an emergency exit, a sign of how far removed the leaders of the nation’s garment industry are from issues of worker safety.

BANGLADESH. “Aggrieved workers block highway for 30 minutes.” (November 27, 2012) The Daily Star. The readymade garment workers who lost 111 colleagues and relatives during Saturday’s fire, blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway for half an hour since Tuesday morning.

BANGLADESH. “Workers protest over ‘deathtrap’ conditions.” (November 28, 2012) Brisbane Times. DHAKA: Garment workers in Bangladesh have staged mass protests to demand the end of ”deathtrap” labour conditions after the country’s worst textile factory fire in which at least 110 employees died.

BANGLADESH. “Walmart used Bangladesh factory in fire.” (November 28, 2012) Ruma Paul. The Toronto Sun. DHAKA – Three supervisors of a Bangladeshi garments factory were arrested on Wednesday as protests over a fire that killed more than 100 people raged on into a third day, with textile workers and police clashing in the streets of a Dhaka suburb.

BANGLADESH. “Garment ‘jinx’ gets going.” (November 29, 2012) The Daily Star. At least 60 garment workers were injured in three factories in Dhaka and Chittagong from fall and stampede yesterday as they ran for their lives following rumours of fire, with the apparel sector still reeling from the horror of Saturday’s deadly fire in Ashulia.

BANGLADESH. “Hunt for cheap garments leads to workers’ plight.” (November 29, 2012) The Daily Star. German Ambassador Albrecht Conze yesterday blamed the sufferings of readymade garment workers partly on the international buyers’ tendency to get products at excessively cheap rates.

BANGLADESH. “Disney and Sears the latest companies revealed to have used Bangladesh factory where 112 died in fire.” (November 28, 2012) Mario Ledwith and Anthony Bond. The Bangladeshi factory where 112 workers were killed in a horrific fire was being used by major Western brands including Disney and Sears, it has been reported.

BANGLADESH. “Police raid a street after a protest and clashes with garment workers, in Savar.” (November 28, 2012) Alert Net. Three supervisors of a Bangladeshi garments factory were arrested on Wednesday as protests over a fire that killed more than 100 people raged on into a third day, with textile workers and police clashing in the streets of a Dhaka suburb.

BANGLADESH. “Factory Workers: We Were Locked In As Flames Spread.” (November 28, 2012) Matthew Mosk, Brian Ross, and Cindy Galli. ABC World News. More survivors of the factory fire in Bangladesh that killed more than 100 garment workers this weekend have told human rights and international labor groups they were actually locked in by security gates as the flames spread.

BANGLADESH. “Workers demand arrest of Tazreen Fashions owner.” (November 30, 2012) The Financial Express. Production in RMG factories at Ashulia in Savar, on the outskirts of the city, resumed Thursday. Apparel makers declared suspension of production on Wednesday amid violent protests by workers demanding justice for the victims of country’s worst ever garment factory fire on Saturday last. The devastating fire that left Tazreen Fashions Ltd to ashes claimed the lives of 111 workers.

BANGLADESH. “Garment factory fire prompts calls for better safety norms.” (November 29, 2012) Fibre2Fashion. The recent fire tragedy in a garment factory in Bangladesh, in which nearly 110 lives were lost, has once again raised heckles of activists who have raised the pitch for better safety standards in these units and calling upon global apparel brands to make sure compliance levels are met in these factories.

BANGLADESH. “Bangladesh inspection blitz after blaze tragedy.” (November 30, 2012) Kamrul Hasan Khan. Google News. DHAKA — Bangladesh’s fire department launched a surprise inspection blitz of hundreds of garment factories on Thursday after 110 workers were killed in a fire at the weekend as they made clothes for Western retailers.

UNITED STATES. “Most U.S. shoppers don’t care that 112 garment workers died; they just want a bargain.” (November 30, 2012) The Commercial Appeal. NEW YORK — Before purchasing a shirt, shoppers will run their hands over the fabric, look at the price tag and wonder how it will hold up in the washing machine. Some might even ask if it makes them look fat.

BANGLADESH. “Bangladeshi factory workers protest salaries lost after fire.” (November 30, 2012) CBC News. Hundreds of garment workers protested today outside a Bangladeshi factory where 112 people were killed by a fire, demanding compensation for their lost salaries.

BANGLADESH. “RMG buyers push for better factories.” (December 1, 2012) BDNews24.com. Dhaka, Nov 30—Apparel buyers on Friday advised Bangladesh’s readymade garment sector to ensure rapid development of working conditions at factories to regain their trust lost following the recent devastating factory fire that killed at least 110 workers.

BANGLADESH. “Bangladesh fire department inspects garment factories.” (November 30, 2012) Fibre2Fashion. The Fire Service and Civil Defence Directorate, under Bangladesh’s Ministry of Home Affairs, has launched a surprise inspection at several readymade garment (RMG) manufacturing factories after a fire incident at a garment unit killed over 110 workers last week.

BANGLADESH. “Ashulia region remains restive.” (December 3, 2012) The Daily Star. Stemming from the Tazreen Fashions disaster, garment and leather workers’ agitations in Ashulia industrial belt continued yesterday as they attacked several factories and clashed with industrial police.

BANGLADESH. “P. Diddy urged to fight for garment workers after Bangladesh factory blaze.” (November 29, 2012) Ayesha Siddiqui. Business Recorder. KARACHI: Activists are calling for US rapper P. Diddy to push for safe working environments for garment factory workers after it was revealed that his clothing line was produced in the Bangladeshi factory which caught fire a few weeks ago killing hundreds of workers.