Home-based Worker News Oct 2 2012


Russia. 100 Vietnamese workers in Russia call for help, police investigate. September 26, 2012. M. Lan. VietnamNet. According to investigators, these people worked for two garment companies – Vinastar and Garizon Open – in Moscow. Specifically, Vinastar recruited more than 100 workers from Vietnam, including 45 from the Construction and Investment JSC No. 1 (HICC1) and a labor export firm in Thai Binh Province. 

Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, USA. Award-winning Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. Program to Expand to Community Settings. September 25, 2012. Finchannel.com. At the Clinton Global Initiative, Gap Inc. announced plans to expand P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement), its educational learning program for female garment workers. 

Bangladesh.  Bidi Cigarette Factory Workers Continue to Face Toxic Conditions. September 24, 2012. Women’s News Network. Bidi is a locally-produced cigarette made of tobacco flakes rolled in tree leaves. Some 50 million cigarettes are produced annually in 117 factories countrywide, according to US-based NGO Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. A pack of 25 “bidis” costs at most 7 US cents.  

Cambodia. Protesters Stage EU Faint-Ins. September 24, 2012. Justine Drennan and Chhay Channyda. Phnom Penh Post. In a year in which more than a thousand Cambodian garment factory workers have fainted on the job, activists across Europe are demonstrating for higher wages and better working conditions in the Kingdom’s factories.