Home-Based Worker News Feb 21 2013


(ENGLISH)Home-Based Worker

INDIA. “A new beginning for homeworkers in India.” (February 13, 2013). Ethical Trading Initiative. For millions of homeworkers across the world each new day marks another search for work to keep food on the table, a roof over their heads and children in school. Brands and retailers have a great opportunity to help stabilise these precarious lives while benefiting from the skill and expertise found in these communities. By taking a range of practical steps to promote transparency, efficiency and fairness, there’s a win-win situation available for homeworkers and those prepared to support them better.

BANGLADESH. “Clothing to Die For: Garment Workers in Bangladesh.” (February 11, 2013). Toward Freedom. Bangladesh’s millions of garment workers average $43 a month. Like others around the world, they face not only the danger of fire, but also health and safety threats from dyes, formaldehyde, fiber dust and pesticide residue; damage to eyesight and hearing; and routine conditions, such as the unceasing noise and vibration of machinery, which promote neuromuscular and psychological disabilities.

CAMBODIA. “Minimum wage may rise for Cambodian garment workers.” (February 12, 2013). PPClic! The Cambodia’s Ministry of Labour has scheduled a meeting on February 26 with representatives of various unions to discuss the new minimum wage for garment workers in the country.

BANGLADESH. “BGMEA trains over 3,000 garment workers in fire safety.” (February 11, 2013). Fibre2Fashion. More than 3,000 mid-level readymade garment (RMG) factory workers in Bangladesh received fire safety training under the crash programme launched by Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).



CUBA. “Cuba amplia créditos bancarios con fines constructivos y privados.” (21 Febrero, 2013). Radio Angulo. El sector bancario en Cuba amplia las posibilidades de acceso a créditos a trabajadores por cuenta propia y personas interesadas en construir sus viviendas, según normas publicadas en la Gaceta Oficial.

MEXICO. “Aceptan 4.5 de aumento salarial trabajadores de la industria textile.” (11 Febrero, 2013). Cronica. Los trabajadores de la industria textil de la seda, articela y fibra sintética aceptaron un incremento salarial de 4.5 por ciento, con lo cual quedó conjurada la huelga prevista para este día a las 24:00 horas.