Home-Based Worker News Feb 15 2013


(ENGLISH)Garment Workers

USA. “US: Haitian and Honduran garment workers speak out.” Just-Style (February 6, 2013). Leonie Barrie. Garment workers from Honduras and Haiti are taking part in a five-city tour across New York State this week as part of an ongoing campaign against sweatshops.

PAKISTAN. “Pakistani garment workers fight lockout.” Australia Asia Worker Links (February 10, 2013). Joe’s Fashion, a garment factory in the Korangi Industrial Area of Karachi, earlier this year locked out its workforce of about a thousand employees.

CAMBODIA. “Workers Demand Back Pay.” Radio Free Asia (February 14, 2013). Cambodian garment workers say they are owed two months of wages after their factory owner fled the country.

BANGLADESH. “Garment workers formed Human chain demanding arrest of Tazreen Fashion’s owner.” ICOR (February 15, 2013). National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF)  today, January 9, threatened to launch greater agitation program if Tazreen Fashion’s owner were not arrested immediately for his responsibility in killing 112 workers in factory fire on November 24, 2012. The threat was issued from a Garment workers’ human chain that was held today  in front of National Press Club in Dhaka city. Over 100 garment workers participated in human chain program that was took place from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.



BRAZIL. “Crédito bancário ajuda trabalhadores autónomos (video).” TVT (February 4, 2013). Banco do Brasil cria programa de crédito para empreendedores individuais e microempresários com taxas de juros abaixo da concorrência.

BRAZIL. “Trabalhadores autônomos elevam preços de serviços em 25%.” Corecon MG (February 14, 2013). O belo-horizontino paga cada vez mais pela prestação de serviços. Só em janeiro, a contratação de pedreiros, pintores, marceneiros, eletricistas, entre outros profissionais, ficou, na média, 25,6% mais cara.