Home-Based Worker News Dec 13 2012


Home-based workersBANGLADESH. “Documents Reveal New Details About Walmart’s Connection to Tazreen Factory Fire.” (December 10, 2012) Steven Greenhouse. The New York Times. Documents uncovered at the Tazreen garment factory in Bangladesh where 112 workers died in a fire two weeks ago indicate that not one but two American apparel makers supplying goods for Walmart were using the factory around the time of the fire.

BANGLADESH. “Exclusive: After fire, Wal-Mart vows to tighten source safeguards.” (December 11, 2012)
Jessica Wohl. Chicago Tribune. (Reuters) – A factory fire that killed more than 100 garment workers in Bangladesh has led the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, to concede that it needs to do more to control its supply chain and keep unauthorized manufacturers out.

BANGLADESH. “Apparel industry outsourcing costs garment workers’ lives in Bangladesh.” (December 13, 2012) Scott Nova. The Guardian. The fire that killed 112 workers in a factory producing for Walmart, Sears, Disney and other apparel corporations was the deadliest in the history of Bangladesh, but it was one in a long series of such fires and it will not be the last. The economic logic of the apparel industry, driven by the insatiable hunger of western apparel companies for cheap clothes, guarantees that many more workers will die.

BANGLADESH. “From Triangle to Tazreen: A Century of Lessons.” (December 13, 2012) Francesca Rheannon. CSR Wire. The parallels are eerie: a mainly young and female garment factory workforce, piles of highly flammable fabric terrifyingly ablaze, locked exit doors, workers jumping to their deaths from upper floors that were engulfed in flames.

USA, ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CANADA, CHILE, INDIA, NICARAGUA, SOUTH AFRICA, UK, ZAMBIA. “Walmart Workers Will Rally in Ten Countries Tomorrow.” (December 13, 2012) Josh Eidelson. The Nation. The labor campaign confronting Walmart in the United States is planning an international escalation for tomorrow. In partnership with the global union federation UNI, the union-affiliated group Making Change at Walmart is supporting a “Global Day of Action,” with participation expected from Walmart workers in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Nicaragua, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Zambia. The day’s main US protest will be a Miami demonstration featuring a street theater performance in the tradition of the United Farm Workers’ teatro campesino.