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Waste Picker News 2 March 2014

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Waste pickers

(English) INDIA. A clean-up act in Ahmedabad. Business Standard (2 March 2014) by Vinay Umarji. Let’s Recycle is revolutionising dry waste mgmt in the city; expanding a challenge. In Nepra, we found an exciting model that could develop an entire value chain of collection, involving rag pickers and engaging them in the mainstream,” says Ajay Maniar, principal,… Read more »

The Fight against Waste-to-Energy Incineration in Belo Horizonte

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Tomorrow is Global Waste Picker Day — what better way to celebrate than to support waste pickers in a very current struggle in Belo Horizonte. Recently, a member of the municipal parliament in Belo Horizonte has put forward a bill that would authorize the use of waste-to-energy incineration technologies to deal with municipal solid waste…. Read more »

Waste Picker News 16 February 2014

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Waste pickers

(English) INDIA. Villagers’ call to ban plastic bags now a PMC proposal. Pune Mirror (16 February 2014) by Siddharth Gadkari. If ratified at all levels, the plastic bag your friendly neighbourhood grocer throws in for free will cost `15; thermocol plates and cups will be banned as well. GLOBAL. Informal Networks Provide Essential Services in Cities. Triple… Read more »

Top Resources for Inclusive Waste Policy & Planning

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Paisajes-basura: Dinámicas y Externalidades Territoriales del Reciclaje en Montevideo, Uruguay

Through its publication series, Inclusive Cities hosts a large number of briefs and working papers for researchers, policy makers and planners working with the informal economy.  In light of Global Waste Picker Day on March 1, we’ve highlighted the top waste-related publications below.  If you find these useful, please share! Fernández, Lucía. 2012.  Paisajes-basura: Dinámicas y… Read more »

A World of Waste

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Global Alliance of Waste Pickers

Around the globe, there are many great membership-based organizations working in solid waste management.  Many of these make up an Alliance, which is called the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers (or GlobalRec).GlobalRec is a networking process supported by WIEGO among thousands of waste picker organizations with groups in more than 28 countries covering mainly Latin America,… Read more »