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IEMS Report on Street Vendors Highlights Importance of Urban Space as a Livelihood Right

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by Sally Roever Street vendors have a way of fitting themselves into urban public space. They sprawl down certain streets, line up along railroad tracks, and pack their stalls onto crowded sidewalks, anywhere that customers may be passing by. The trouble is, most cities don’t plan for that. And because they don’t plan for it,… Read more »

Les niegan a trabajadoras informales la oportunidad de hablar en un foro mundial

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El jueves, 17 de marzo, el proyecto Ciudades Inclusivas se enteró que España le había negado las visas de tránsito a tres trabajadoras de la economía informal para viajar vía ese país hacia Medellín, Colombia, en donde estaban programadas para hacer presentaciones en eventos organizados por Ciudades Inclusivas y WIEGO durante el Foro Urbano Mundial… Read more »

Inclusive Cities to Launch Study on the Informal Economy at WUF7

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  On April 9 in Medellin, Columbia, Inclusive Cities will be launching the results of our Informal Economy Monitoring Study. We invite you to attend “A Tale of 10 Cities: Findings from the Informal Economy Monitoring Study,” which will be held in the Urban Library at 2:35 pm.   Alongside WIEGO and our partners, we’ll celebrate this action-research, which has monitored… Read more »

Achieving Together: AeT Intern 2013 Regional “Architectural Student of the Year”

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by Tasmi Quazi Mongezi’s thesis explores urban informality as a generator for meaningful built form through his proposal for a multipurpose trade hub in Warwick Junction. The proposed building is to support informal traders that need a productive space to facilitate their work. The central design challenge he poses is “Why not have the courage, where… Read more »