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Home-based Worker News, May 26 2012

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South-East Asia. South-East Asian garment workers facing exploitation. May 18, 2012.   Fibre2Fashion. Migrant workers have played a central part in the economic success story of many South-East Asian countries in recent years. As these countries have embraced the ‘outwards turn’ of export orientation, migrant workers have provided a regular source of cheap labour that has… Read more »

Photo of the Week, May 23 2012

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This week’s photo is of a beautiful statue created by a home-based worker in Thailand.  To learn more about home-based workers, their living and working conditions, and the importance of and tips for organizing, visit the home-based workers page on the Inclusive Cities website.

I Am Working Hard Just to Give a Better Future to My Children

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Today’s post features a story about home-based workers and our partner, HomeNet South Asia, from our series “Changing Cities, Changing Lives.” Home-based workers, the majority of whom are women, constitute an invisible workforce that numbers in the millions globally, but which has very little protection, representation or access to social security available to other workers… Read more »

Home-based Worker News, May 14 2012

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Pakistan.  Country needs legal cover to protect home-based workers. May 2, 2012.  Pakistan Observer.  There are 8.52 million home based workers in the country representing 60% of women work force denied of rights extended to workers defined as laborers in the country. Indonesia.  Workers unite for demands of better life on May Day. May 2,… Read more »

Home-based and Garment Worker News, May 3 2012

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Garment Worker News Thailand.  Factory staff, families still struggling.  April 30, 2012.  Bangkok Post.  Many factory workers say they are not much better off  financially after the 300-baht daily wage hike, now in its first month of  launch. Indonesia.  Olympic stress for Indonesian labourers who allege they endure sweatshop conditions.  April 29, 2012.  Kathy Marks…. Read more »