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Home-based Worker News Sept 27 2012

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Garment Workers SouthEast Asia

Colombia. Trabajadores Independientes Según el Art.13 de la Ley 1527 de 2012. September 21, 2012. Youtube. Respuesta del Dr. Diego Guevara, Líder de Investigación Contable y Tributaria de a la pregunta.  Pakistan. Families of missing workers still looking for bodies. September 14, 2012. Desperate family members of still missing workers were looking for their loved ones in… Read more »

Home-based Workers News Sept 19 2012

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Home-Based Garment Workers

Cambodia. Rare win for Ocean Garment strikers. September 10, 2012. Mom Kunthear & Claire Knox. The Phnom Penh Post. Ocean Garment, the Phnom Penh-based clothing manufacturer at the centre of sexual harassment claims and an illegal strike that lasted more than two weeks, has agreed to compensate more than 2,500 workers for wages lost during the… Read more »

Promoting the Rights of Homeworkers

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With the support of the Inclusive Cities projects and other partners, HomeNet South Asia and the Global Labour Institute have just published a manual, primarily for trade unionists and social mevement activists, which is designed to provoke and encourage discussion about homeworkers and their rights as workers, raise awareness about the international ILO Home Work Convention and its… Read more »

Home-based Worker News July 13 2012

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Cambodia. Workers protest firing at Wai Full Garments. July 3, 2012. Mom Kunthear. Phnom Penh Post. About 500 workers from Wai Full Garments (Cambodia) Ltd in Kandal province gathered yesterday to protest Saturday’s firing of a worker who wanted to form a union, a Free Trade Union said. Pakistan. Social Protection Bill drafted. June 20, 2012…. Read more »

Determined, Self-less Leadership

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This week’s Inclusive Cities Changing Cities, Changing Lives story comes from Nepal, where home-based producer co-operative Jyoti Mahlia Samuha is a testament to how important determined, self-less leadership is in running a group that can lift up its members and open opportunities for better lives. Established as an informal group with few members focused on empowerment… Read more »