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Bogota’s Waste Pickers and World Cities Day

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October 31, 2014 marked the first World Cities Day celebration. World Cities Day was established by a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly in December of 2013. According to UN-HABITAT: “World Cities Day is expected to greatly promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and… Read more »

Waste Picker News 26 October 2014

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Waste pickers, South Africa

(English) INDIA. The Invisible Green Workers. What’s With the Climate (25 October 2014) via Hard News Portal by Pinky Chandran, Kabir Arora and Nalini Shekar. Like most Indian cities, Bengaluru has a booming informal economy with an estimated 25,000 waste-pickers, working together with the municipal waste system as it follows a centralised approach of collection and… Read more »

Street Vendor News 26 October 2014

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Vendedores ambulantes, Durban, South Africa

(English) TUNISIA. Plights and perils of Tunisian street vendors. Al Jazeera (26 October 2014) by Ahmed El Amraoui and Patrick Strickland. As Tunisians get ready to go to the polls for the country’s first ever democratic parliamentary elections on October 26, salesman Bassam Gazbar “could care less who is going to be in the government…. Read more »

Street Vendor News 12 October 2014

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Vendedores ambulantes, China

(English) USA. Peralta: Bring Back Street Vendor Task Force. Western Queens Gazette (8 October 2014) by Liz Goff. State Sen. Jose Peralta last week called on the D Blasio administration to bring back a highly effective task force that helped regulate activities of street vendors. INDONESIA. Vendors say Ahok’s registration program won’t change much. The… Read more »

Garment Worker News 12 October 2014

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Garment workers, Thailand

(English) SWAZILAND. Is Canada Swaziland AGOA alternative? Swazi Observer (12 October 2014) by Welcome Dlamini. With Swaziland having lost its AGOA eligibility status and no concrete hope of readmission during the December review, it looks more likely that Canada could be the kingdom’s next export partner for textile products. NIGERIA. ‘How Government Can Revive The… Read more »