Budgeting and the Informal Economy in Accra, Ghana

This brief looks at whether and how the budget of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) provides for informal economy workers and, in particular, for traders. In Greater Accra (the region in which Accra Metropolis is situated), nearly a third of employed people work in wholesale and retail trade and nearly 10 per cent work in food service activities. Many of these workers are traders. The brief presents information sourced from official documents, other research, interviews with AMA officials, and focus groups discussion and interviews with traders and their leaders in many of the city’s markets.

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Organizing for Change: Workers in the Informal Economy

This video, “Organizing for Change: Workers in the Informal Economy” provides essential insight into the contributions of informal workers as well as the many hurdles they face in securing their livelihoods. It also features the benefits of organizing with case studies from Ghana, India and Thailand.

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IEMS Waste Pickers Sector Report

Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data from IEMS fieldwork (2012) in the waste picking sector in Belo Horizonte, Bogota, Durban, Nakuru, and Pune.

IEMS Waste Pickers Sector Report

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